Educational Activities

Our residents benefit from a variety of educational opportunities.


Discharge Planning Rounds (weekly)
Grand Rounds (weekly)
Resident Didactic Conference (weekly)
Morbidity and Mortality Rounds (monthly)
Research Committee Conference (monthly)
Journal Club (7 per year)
Anatomic Dissections (two, weekend-long sessions)
Temporal Bone Dissection Course (one week, offered twice per year)
Charles J. Krause Lectureship (annually)
John L. Kemink Memorial Lectureship (annually)
Lawrence-Hawkins Lectureship (annually)
Michigan Work Society Meeting (bi-annually)


Blue Team Teaching Rounds (weekly)
Gold Team Teaching Rounds (weekly)
Hearing and Special Senses Seminar (weekly)
Otology Conference (weekly)
Pediatric otolaryngology Team teaching Rounds (weekly)
Rhinology/Sinus Conference (weekly)
Temporal Bone Laboratory (weekly)
U-M Tumor Board (weekly)
V.A. Tumor Board (weekly)
V.A. Teaching Rounds (bi-weekly)


American Academy of Otolaryngology Home Study Course
American Academy of Otolaryngology In-Service Examination

Head and Neck Simulation ProgramOtolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Simulation Program

Residents encounter difficult and emergent airway situations throughout their training. Our Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Simulation Program gives residents the opportunity to learn and practice new skills and procedures in nearly real situations without risk of injury to a patient. It is also provides an effective means of assessing competency. Training opportunities include the annual Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Simulation Day. We hope to expand the program over the next few years.