Division of Audiology

The Division of Audiology and Clinical Electrophysiology in the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery specializes in the detection, diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing and related disorders. Fully equipped facilities are located at Taubman Health Care Center and Maternal Child Health Center. Specialized services are located on theBriarwood Medical Campus, at the Livonia Specialty Center and theBrighton Health Center. The faculty and staff of the Division provide diagnostic and rehabilitation services including: routine audiologic assessments, electrophysiologic measurements of auditory and neuromuscular function, and hearing rehabilitation with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Division faculty and staff also provide neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring of cranial nerve function in conjunction with neurotologic, otologic and neurosurgical procedures. The use of advanced neurophysiologic techniques assists in reducing risk of injury to cranial nerves during a variety of surgical procedures.

Audiologists (and speech-language pathologists) provide assessment and management of patients with cochlear implants within the framework of the Cochlear Implant Program located on the Briarwood medical campus. Individuals aged one year and older undergo extensive assessment to determine candidacy, and extensive programming, rehabilitation and periodic follow-up postoperatively.

Another notable activity within the Division of Audiology is the Newborn Hearing Screening Program. Within this program well over 90% of newborns at the University of Michigan are screened for hearing impairment and referred for further evaluation or intervention if necessary.

Faculty and staff in the Division of Audiology are also involved in ongoing individual and collaborative research involving different aspects of hearing disorders and their management.